Product 🤩

My time in product manager roles has shown me just how much I enjoy the way it leverages and develops my skills on many dimensions at once. As a product manager, I am constantly drawing on diverse life experiences that define my unique PM style. 

My experience as a 👨‍🏫 teacher for students in elementary school to graduate school has taught me to be an effective translator. My experience as a 👨‍🔬 researcher has showed me how to operate in an environment ridden with ambiguity and scope out a direction that will lead to insights whether it is a success or failure. My experience as a 👨‍💻 software engineer has instilled in me an analytical problem solving mindset. My experience as a 🤵‍♂️ student governance leader and club founder has shaped me into an practical organizer, efficient executor and compelling motivator.

These experiences have informed my product management philosophy, along with a dedication to cultivate a growth mindset in myself and others. See a sample below of how these PM skills are put to work to enable teams to build great products.


Kingsway College Share is a platform-agnostic social network for education. I was the product manager for a team of 7 engineers and worked closely with stakeholders (parents, students, and staff) at an experiential learning school in Canada to define core user journeys, prioritize feature requests, scope out acceptance criteria, and conduct a competitive analysis. We shipped a mobile application (React Native) and a web application (React.js), hosted on AWS. Check out the project planning document, Github page, and demo video below

Aus Der Box

Created an augmented reality retail shopping experience that addresses recycling and sustainability challenges by leveraging physical compostable boxes and automated mobile checkouts to reduce package waste and OPEX for clients. Conducted 30 user tests and built a series of high-fidelity prototypes (Sketch, Origami Studio) in response to user needs. Implemented augmented reality technology that displays nutritional information and product branding accessed using a shopper’s mobile device. Check out our pitch deck.



DreamTune is an AI-driven lead generation tool for music licensing that scrapes social media and public reviews for mentions of music playing at cafes, gyms, and bars. I was the product manager for a cross-functional team of 5 business, music, and engineering students. We won the University of Toronto startup competition and delivered a prototype web application (React.js) to a paying client that plots lead locations and ranks opportunities based on acquisition cost to the client. Check out the pitch deck, business plan, and wireframe demo.


Bruce Bar

Eating a Bruce Bar is the healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way to get fuel on the trail. Our ingredients are sourced from local farmers in Ontario and 10% of our profits are donated to Bruce Trail Conservancy to ensure that future generations will experience the thrill of the outdoors. I created this business with my girlfriend during the summer when I was training for a triathlon because I got tired of paying lots of money for expensive energy bars with too many frivolous ingredients and too little purpose.